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SelfDisrpt™ is a demand generation platform that uses powerful tech and proven methods to multiply your own abilities, unlock the business accelerating potential of LinkedIn, and drive opportunities at scale.

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One of the hardest things for any professional to do is get high-quality opportunities with people who have the power to grow your business. We make it easy!
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Users on LinkedIn as of April 2023

Users using LinkedIn to generate opportunities for themselves or their business
Rigorous Results

Cold message responses using the SelfDisrpt™ Platform since January 2023

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SelfDisrpt™ is generating opportunities for individuals and companies like these :

It's not a spam-bot. It's not paid ads. It's You at Scale™

1. Personalization

SelfDisrpt™ starts with you: your goals, your voice, your industry, your messaging, your lists.

2. Scale

We then apply robust tech, proven workflows, and expert advice, to turn LinkedIn and other platforms into growth engines for your business and career.

3. Results

You'll see an increase in qualified opportunities which you can engage with directly, and use to close more business.

Choose an Onboarding Tier that fits your needs!

T I E R   1

Get full access to the complete capabilities of the SelfDisrpt™ platform, but in a self-service model. Our onboarding videos will teach you how to get started, and if you have your strategy and messaging set, you can be generating leads that very first day.

T I E R   2

Work side by side with the SelfDisrpt™ team to develop your business. Over 4 sessions you’ll learn incredible best practices as we work together to optimize your profile, build your target lists, create content, develop flows and generate demand.  Most of our clients have new meetings booked before we're done!

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T I E R   3

Our experts will be your dream team. We’ll optimize your LinkedIn accounts, devise your strategies, be your SDR, build your flows, create your content, handle prospecting, and run your inbox. All you have to do is close the qualified opportunities we deliver to you.

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What Our Self Disruptors Are Saying

We call our clients Self Disruptors because they are literally rewriting the playbooks for their industries and their own careers. While their colleagues and competitors are stuck in the same overly-manual, time-intensive, spray-and-pray approach they’ve been using for years, our Self Disruptors are increasing their productivity 10x, multiplying their qualified leads, reducing worthless meetings, generating investors and deals for their businesses, and even becoming more influential in their industries.

SelfDisrpt commitment to delivering results have made a real difference. We saw a noticeable boost in engagement, followers, and leads. We wholeheartedly recommend SelfDisrpt to anyone seeking to elevate their LinkedIn presence.

Russ Cersosimo

Founder, Hemp Synergistics

SelfDisrpt got us in front of our exact target market. After just a few days, we had 12 appointments set for the next week and 3 months later, we are still getting 10-15 meetings per week!

Peter Ciravolo

Co-Founder BC Brokerage

SelfDisrpt curated a messaging campaign using my writing style and business objectives in mind, repeatedly putting opportunities at my doorstep. I couldn't recommend them more

Ryan McKeever

President, Plotline

Following old playbooks will not get you new results.
It’s time to disrupt your game, and we can help.
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